Biogas (from landfill sites or facilities)

Biogas results from the process whereby organic matter decomposes in an airless atmosphere to produce methane, carbon dioxide, water and heat. The methane is then combusted in a turbine to produce electricity or injected into the National Gas Grid.

Biogas can be created through anaerobic digestion ("AD") using organic matter from agricultural crops or waste food from households and industry.  Agricultural AD is a well established technology with thousands of plants in continental Europe, but relatively few in the UK.

AlphaGen Projects, a company in which Albion Community Power is partnered with AlphaGen Renwables, has built a biogas plant at Docking, Norfolk. This is a landfill biogas project under a 20 year contract with Norfolk County Council. The site is generating enough energy to power over 120 homes.


AlphaGen Projects


ProjectDocking Landfill Gas
Installation Size 50kW
Partner AlphaGen Renewables
Total Cost£0.1m
StatusGenerating electricity




Please contact Adam Chirkowski in connection with Biogas projects.