Hydroelectricity is one of the oldest and most established renewable energy technologies. The FiTs regime has opened up 1-2GW of potential hydroelectricity development and these provide long term value as projects can last 40 years or more. Furthermore, hydroelectricity provides a natural weather hedge to solar and wind assets.

Albion Community Power has embarked on a number of projects in the hydro sector with Green Highland Renewables Ltd ("GHR"). Investee companies of Albion have already constructed two hydro projects alongside GHR.

Details of one of the first projects, which is being funded by the I Share Pool and is located near Loch Lomond in Scotland, are set out below:



ProjectChoaroch Hydro
Installation Size2MW
Total Cost£11m
StatusExpected commissioning in Summer 2016


Please contact Christoph Ruedig in connection with hydro projects.